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The Shading Worksheets by Gal Shir

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Learn Shading in 60 Minutes

7 worksheets with explanations, examples, instructions, and blank objects for practice

I’ve simplified the fundamentals of shading into 7 worksheets. No bullshit, no science, and no any overwhelming theories. Learn shading in a practical way so you can apply shades and depth to your art today.

Learn by Doing ✍️

All the Procreate files include an empty masked layer so you can draw shadows within the shapes. Alternatively, you can just print the PDF file and practice with pencils!

Light Direction - How to decide where to shade based on the light angle
Gradients - What's a gradient shadow, how and when to use it
Round Objects - How to apply a smooth shadow on round objects to achieve depth
Radial Shadow - What creates a radial shadow and how to use it correctly
Linear Shadow - What creates a linear shadow and how to use it correctly
✅ Complex Objects - How to apply shadow to complex objects by breaking them into pieces
Extra Practice - Practice more with a bunch of different blank objects to shade!

It is Guaranteed 👌

If you aren't satisfied with the brushes or you have any problem, just send me an email and you'll receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.

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The Shading Worksheets by Gal Shir

86 ratings
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